About Our Board

NIA Board Members:
Dr. Iva Laverne Raine  President
Dr. Gary Royer  Vice President
Dr. Sheba K. George  Secretary
John Paulson  Member
Josiah Jerome  Member

Contact Us:
[email protected] 

Newman International Academy
PO Box 170057
Arlington, TX 76003

*Agenda will be posted 72 hours before the Board Meeting.

Board Meeting Participation Policy

Members of the public who desire to address the board must comply with the following registration procedures:

Members of the public seeking to provide comments shall be required to register to provide comment by sending an email to the Superintendent of Schools Secretary [email protected] NO LATER THAN 3:00 p.m. the day before the board meeting indicating:

(1) person’s name

(2) subject the member of the public wishes to discuss

(3) telephone number at which the member of the public may be reached

(4) need for use of a translator or TTY system


Public comment will be divided by agenda item and non-agenda item. When it is time for the portion of the meeting to listen to registered public comments for agenda or non-agenda items, the District shall attempt to contact the registrant in the order in which the registration was received. If for any reason the registrant does not answer the call, the Board will proceed to call the next registrant. This process shall continue until the list of registrants has been exhausted. 


The Board reserves the right to limit comment time according to the number of registered participants (if 1-29 registrants then 3 minutes each, if 30-59 registrants then 2 minutes each, and if 60-100 registrants then 1 minute each). If a registrant does not speak English they must indicate so when registering and list the name of his/her translator, and additional time shall be provided in accordance with law. If a registrant requires the use of a TTY system, the registrant must indicate this requirement at the time of registration and the registrant shall be allowed to communicate on a topic for twice the amount of time allowed for persons not requiring the use of the TTY system.